I’m a Toronto-based graphic designer, specializing in print, packaging, branding, and web. I like to work with enterprising individuals and businesses to help them communicate their vision with the world. My favourite clients are ambitious and enthusiastic, just like me.


We don't have to be best friends just to work together, but it certainly doesn't hurt! The design process is best when we can see eye-to-eye and communicate well.

So, here's my life story. Just in case.

Crimped hair is the best hair.

Crimped hair is the best hair.


I grew up in the woods, in rural West Virginia (USA), doing all the arts and crafts I could get my hands on. For many years I wanted to be a fashion designer, until my mom pointed out that I didn't really like to sew. Luckily, in seventh grade, I learned what a Graphic Designer was and never looked back.

Yes, I absolutely will help with your fun photo assignment.

Yes, I absolutely will help with your fun photo assignment.


I moved out of the countryside to the Washington, D.C. area to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Shepherd University. It was a rigorous four years, and I'm grateful I survived. In my last year at school, I was invited to join a local PR startup. I took the position and stayed in town with the Canadian guy I'd just met. The startup dissolved, but life with the Canuck worked out well. He applied to University of Toronto, and I applied for Permanent Residency.

Photo by  Emma Kopstein

Photo by Emma Kopstein


I moved to Toronto in 2011. After several months of freelancing for US clients over the internet, I took a position in the city and started to build up my network of friends, clients, and colleagues in my new home. I now freelance throughout the city and run Mumbleweeds, my line of paper goods and gifts freaturing my watercolour and hand lettering art.


Design and life stuff @steviedriscoll


Watercolour and lettering @mumbleweeds


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WE Charity • ME to WE • Indigo • Rogers • Engineers Without Boarders, Canada • McGregor • Cole Haan • Calvin Klien • Tommy Hilfiger • Michael Kors • Publish What You Pay, Canada • So Young • The Yoga Project • Engineer-in-Residence



“Swash & Serif 6” • Northern Contemporary, Toronto • August, 2019

“In the Round” • Proof Studio Gallery, Toronto • October 25, 2018

“Swash & Serif 4” • Northern Contemporary, Toronto • October, 2017

“Swash & Serif 3” • Annex Art Centre, Toronto • September, 2016